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A brass band is a group of musicians who perform instrumental music but consist of only brass instruments along with a percussion section.

Brass instruments are instruments that generate sound from the vibration of the player's lips. Brass instrument includes Cornet, Horn, Baritone, Euphonium, Trombone and Tuba.

Percussion instruments are instruments that produce sound by being struck either by hand or another instrument.

NBS Nelson City Brass

We are a brass band of the British Tradition lead by our British-born musical director Nigel Weeks. A British brass band consists of the following instruments:

  • 1 Soprano Cornet
  • 8-10 Cornets
  • 1 Flugelhorn
  • 3-4 Tenor Horns
  • 2 Baritone Horns
  • 2-3 Tenor Trombones
  • 1 Bass Trombone
  • 2 Euphoniums
  • 4-5 Tubas
  • 2-3 Percussion

Nelson City Brass Youth Band

The Nelson City Brass Youth Band is an after-school program, led by Musical Director Nigel Weeks and supported by band members. We invitee aspiring musicians of all abilities to join our Tuesday rehearsals. We embrace diversity and offer a free brass instrument and lessons for those eager to learn. Our inclusive environment fosters growth, friendship, and a shared passion for creating music together. Join us in discovering the joy of brass instruments and the camaraderie of our vibrant musical community.

Nelson City Brass Social Band

The Nelson City Brass Social Band welcomes players of all abilities that wish to play music together in a more informal and non-competitive setting. The band is a great option for those that have a love for brass instruments but cannot commit to the Senior Band programme.  Discover the joy of music-making in a welcoming and supportive environment and become a part of our fun Wednesday night rehearsals.

Picture by Tim Cuff - 23 May 2018 - Nayland College Music show at the Theatre Royal, Nelson, New Zealand